Unlike a lot of other agencies and freelance web designers and developers that have flooded the industry in the past few years, the team at Project Environment believes in complete transparency into website pricing and how it works.  We understand the frustration of going to a company’s website and leaving without a clue what a website from them will cost.  This page outlines where your investment will take you and how much it matches the needs of your business.

Our pricing at its most basic level is our hourly rate of $150.  More commonly though we provide our clients with a fixed rate quote.  This quote is based on the numerous factors that this page will explain.  We also offer special discounts and volume pricing per project for partner companies, strategic alliances, and non-profits.

Basic Brochure Website

$1,500 - $4,500

At the very least your business NEEDS to have a basic website that works as a 24/7 online salesperson.  A basic website at this level will show that your business is credible, valuable, and provides basic information about your products and services.  Providing an engaging user experience, the viewer can easily be led to either contact your business over the phone, through a contact form or head directly to your physical location.

Fully Manageable Website

$4,500 - $25,000

From them this level on, the website starts to take on more functionality, actually conducting business functions for you, your staff, and your business.  The most important function that can be included at this price level is a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS gives your business the functionality to quickly and easily update the content of your website without having to go through a web developer.  This is also the price level where eCommerce functionality becomes viable.  A CMS and eCommerce should always go hand-in-hand, allowing your business to provide a seamless website experience for online shoppers with consistently up to date website content.  Further functionality at this price level can include website animation, ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogs, social media integration, and email marketing.

Fully Custom Complex Website

$25,000 - $100,000+

At this price level, websites start to take on highly complex user interfaces, database integration, portals, applications, and eCommerce functionality.  This building out of functionality for complex website integration takes a lot of work from highly skilled professional designers, developers, testers, and project managers and thus require large marketing budgets to implement.  Websites like these are generally sought by corporate businesses needing a high level of functionality and task performance on their website.